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Kitchen hardware

Often the last items to get selected in a kitchen revival is the hardware, yet the choices you make can make a world of difference to the outcome of your kitchen revival.

Please do not underestimate the impact the right style of hardware will have on your completed kitchen, as they will elevate the finished look.

Remember to consider the practicality of the hardware you choose, as well as their appearance.

Cabinet handles, sinks and tapware should be fit for purpose, functional and easy to use while still good looking.

Hardware refers to.

  • Cabinet and door handles
  • Tapware
  • Sink and workstations


When choosing cabinet hardware, remember, you will be looking at and touching these handles or knobs every single day.

Handy hint

If you are making considerations based on resale, consider the current top-selling finishes and always pick material choices and detailing that delivers both functionality and design.

Knob and Pull bars

Knobs and pull bars provide the same functionality, so the choice between them comes down to preference.


Knobs provide a classic or vintage style to your kitchen design, but with the variety of finishes and textures, now available they also work in modern kitchen designs.

Solid knobs are sturdy pieces of metal that will feel substantial and tend to be a little more expensive because of their weight.

Hollow knobs are hollow inside and will feel lighter; this is necessary to print textures and patterns on the surface so is not indicative of their quality.

Pull bars

Pull bars are a sturdy, stylish option with a streamlined appearance and secure grip. They work with modern, minimalist, contemporary and traditional kitchen designs and are available in a variety of finishes.

The length of how long your bar pulls is a personal preference; however, most designers keep them at two-thirds to three-quarters the width of the drawer.

There are many different types of pulls to choose from including.

  • Handle pulls
  • Bar pulls
  • Bail pulls
  • Cup pulls
  • Finger pulls

Seamless handles

Handleless cabinets are fast emerging as a popular option for those who want a streamlined, minimalist look for their kitchen renovations.

There are a number of ways to achieve the clean and effortless look of uninterrupted cabinetry.

  • Strip handles are continuous rails built in that sit behind each door and drawer front, creating a space that allows you to grip it easily.
  • Overhung cabinet doors. The cabinet doors hang down further than the cabinet’s internal elements, creating a lip that allows you to pull them open and closed.
  • Push-to-open mechanics allows your cupboard doors and drawers to sit flush without any gaps. They can be either magnetic or electric, depending on your budget.
  • Cutouts, painted or a custom build ( 45 degrees ).


Kitchen sinks come in a range of configurations, combinations, and materials. For optimal accessibility and functionality, please consider the following.

  • The size of your kitchen
  • How much bench space do you have?
  • Sink size
    • Large, single-bowl designs are convenient for washing oversize cookware.
    • Dual-bowl sinks allow for quick wash-ups and offer multitasking functionality for the homeowner.
  • Sink type & style
    • Topmount sinks are installed flush with the countertop. They are often paired with laminate counters.
    • Undermount sinks are installed below the countertop. They make clean up a breeze and are the ideal complement to popular natural stone and solid surface counters.

Choose your tapware to complement your kitchen design and sink arrangement for a seamless finish. Just like all your kitchen hardware, it can take your kitchen from drab to fab.

Remember it is to serve its basic function, as well as to deliver a flow of water, it should make your culinary zone more functional and efficient to work in.

To create a cohesive look, we suggest opting for a tap that ties in with your sink, appliances, and cabinetry door hardware.

The shape and size of the spout will impact on the look. Standard shaped taps with a low profile are more subtle in style than the oversized gooseneck and pull-down spouts that stand tall over your kitchen sink and instantly attract the eye.

Options include.

  • Standard
  • Pull down
  • Gooseneck

Finishes include.

  • Chrome
  • Satin
  • Brushed
  • Gun metal
  • Black & coloured
  • Coope

Enjoy fresh, clean, purified water on tap.

Countertop water purifiers or filters are free-standing units which you connect to your existing kitchen tap or faucet.

Under the sink, water purifiers or filters are a convenient alternative to countertop units because they do not take up unnecessary space on the sink.

The system is installed under the sink where it is plumbed into the mains water line providing a constant flow of purified water which comes out of a dedicated faucet installed on the kitchen bench or sink.

All your drinking water needs on tap. Integrated filters come in a range of systems from instant steaming hot, or chilled sparkling to filtered drinking water systems, all designed with convenience and efficiency in mind.


We work alongside a group of handpicked local retailers who showcase a wide range of top quality, innovative appliances and electrical fittings providing options across all price ranges.

Just like your kitchen hardware, cooktops, rangehoods, dishwashers, and fridges can help transform your kitchen. It is about finding the perfect balance between beautiful design and brilliant capacity.

We encourage you to select your own as it is very much a personal preference. However, we must work together, and you check measurements with us before purchasing.

We also have a group of preferred supplies for electrical and plumbing requirements, and you are welcome to use your own.

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